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Last year, the Women’s Forum of New York had the pleasure of holding a virtual talk with longtime luxury goods leader and former head of LVMH North America, Pauline Brown. Brown has launched a groundbreaking new online learning platform called Aesthetic Intelligence Labs (A.I. Labs.) The platform teaches businesspeople how to harness the power of their senses, refine their tastes, and apply them to building brands that stand out, careers that thrive and businesses that last.

The program consists of a series of master-classes taught by Pauline as well as individual exercises, curated content, interactive workshops, and a global community of participants, including entrepreneurs, brand marketers, product developers and other professionals.

Pauline is offering a 25% discount special for our Members. Just apply the code “WF” at checkout. The course kicks off on January 19th at 12pm (EST) and registrations are open until then.
For further information, please contact Paula Oriol: