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A Chanukah Classical Music Extravaganza: An Everlasting Light

Women’s Forum member Dr. Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel is inviting Forum members to a spectacular Chanukah classical music performance, Everlasting Light, on Wednesday, December 14th. The performance will be featuring GRAMMY winners Anthony Roth Costanzo and Angel Blue; The Knights and the Brooklyn Youth Chorus at The Temple Emanu-El Streicker Center. An Everlasting Light, will be a musical evening celebrating Chanukah, conceived and sponsored by Dr. Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel.

Following the jubilant success of last year’s performance of Handel’s Judas Maccabaeus, countertenor Anthony Roth Costanzo returns to Temple Emanu-El to curate and perform this very special Chanukah celebration featuring soprano Angel Blue, the versatile orchestra collective The Knights, and the powerhouse Brooklyn Youth Chorus! The performance, conducted by Eric Jacobsen, with cantorial soloist Steven Fox and commentary by Shalom Goldman of Middlebury College, will begin with selections from Handel’s celebrated oratorio on Chanukah themes. It will also feature some of his most exquisite arias, and then offer an exploration of the work of contemporary composers and modern masters, including a work by Carlos Simon written especially for Costanzo and the BYC, and a 20th-century reimagining of traditional folk music.

To register, please visit HERE